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First Aid Kits
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10 Person First Aid Kit Deluxe
107 Piece First Aid Kit Essentials
125 Piece First Aid Kit Essentials
183 Piece First Aid Kit Essentials
2 Shelf First Aid Kit Deluxe
234 Piece First Aid Kit Essentials
25 Person First Aid Kit Deluxe
34 Piece Flu Kit
36 Piece Portable First Aid Kit
4 Shelf First Aid Kit Deluxe
50 Person First Aid Kit Deluxe
Basic 3-Day Kit w/Flashlight and First Aid
Snake BIte Kit

Don’t be without a first aid kit. You never know when someone may get injured and you need a bandage. This doesn’t mean you need to have a kit with you at all times, but having one in the vicinity: in your home, in your workplace, in your car, or in your pack when you go camping or hiking.  The best way to prevent infection is to have ointment, bandages and disinfectant. Having a first aid kit readily available, gives you the right materials when you need them.

Addressing first aid is important to SurvivalKits24/7, by offering several types. We carry various sized kits to suit each individual or family, like nylon bags with all supplies stored in compartments inside. There are many kits to choose from that may suit your needs, ideal for motorists and outdoorsmen, which can be stored in a pack or glove compartment. Other options are the large 2,3 and 4-shelf metal [wall mount optional] kits. These are suitable for large families, small or large business and have the easiest access by just opening the door, you have access to all supplies.

What does a standard first aid kit give you? Kits may vary from individual to family, however, all will have the following supplies; instruments for addressing an injury or applying an ointment; various antiseptic items for cleaning a wound; medicines; bandages of all sizes; dressing; ointments such as iodine; and an instruction manual for properly attending to various common injuries.

Make your home, vehicle, or workplace complete by adding the right emergency essentials for addressing injuries; equip yourself with a first aid kit from SurvivalKits24/

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